Writing and Recording with Pia

Pia Andrews (then Pia Waugh) and I played music together for a couple of years around 2010-2011. We wrote some songs together and Pia brought some of her excellent songs for us to play together. We recorded a few demos, most of which were completed in a couple of sessions. These are my favourites...


The Taken

The Taken were a Canberra, Australia based rock band that was active between 2003 and 2008.


Most of the time, The Taken were:

Other people to play with The Taken include Danny Roberts (original lead guitarist), Richard Pearce (drums - many practices, 1 gig), Warren Jackson (drums - 1 gig), Adam Kerz (saxophone - 1 gig).

Live at The Pot Belly Bar (2007)

This was one of The Taken's best live gigs. These are the final 6 songs taken from the 1st set. We started off a little slow but we had definitely warmed up by this stage. Richard Pearce played drums on this performance. The recording quality is poor but Keith Matthews did some magic to make it listenable.

Closer To You


Kelly wrote the lyrics for this, wanting me to do something musically interesting with it. Instead, I turned it into a power ballad! Although I liked it, most of the band did not, so it was rarely played. However, as the band began to fragment, I decided I wanted a recording of this.

We recorded a guide track with Keith on drums and me on guitar. Keith added bass. I added a guitar or 5 - the guitar solo is first take - and I added the organ part. Kelly did a couple of vocal takes over following weeks and we decided to use the both. Keith and I tweaked the mix and adjusted timing issues for quite some time. We then moved on to other things and I pulled out this mix a long time later... and it is pretty good. :-)

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