I'm The Luckiest - 2012-05-23 mix


2012-05-23 to 2012-06-23

Pia and I gave up playing together some time ago. We're citing "musical differences"... and, I suppose, hectic lifestyles. Here's an epilogue: a relatively epic demo of I'm The Luckiest, scraped together from bits and pieces that I had around the place.

About a year ago, Keith recorded a few drums tracks to serve as starting points for new recordings of a few songs. However, something weird happened and recordings that sounded great when played back in the studio had weird timing issues that we still don't understand. So the drum tracks sat on a USB flash drive in my drawer and we didn't do anything with them.

Late in the piece I decided that we should try to get a big recording of I'm The Luckiest, given that our previous demo was far from the epic production bouncing around in my head. One night I recorded about 6 or 7 guitar tracks, using a variety of sounds - my model for production in this case being Led Zeppelin's Bring It On Home with its many guitars. I also recorded a new vocal track. A week or 2 later Pia recorded a bass track. I did a rough mix but it needed a new vocal track from Pia... and something else. Some time later Pia recorded a vocal track but something hadn't been setup right and it lacked punch. Soon we stopped playing together... and I forgot about the recording for a while.

My next musical chapter is getting interesting (we'll see!) and I'm planning on playing I'm The Luckiest. However, it will need some changes since I'm likely to be the only singer, so I decided I would like to get an "old" version out there for people to here.

I cut Keith's drum track into tiny pieces, sliding bits back and forth to get it roughly in time. I pushed Pia's vocal track through some pretty heavy compression to give it some punch. To fill out the bridge I recorded an organ part. I used most of the backing vocals from the original demo. Then I did a rough mix in Ardour and pushed it through Jamin's brick wall limiter to make it loud.

There are definite flaws in all the parts. Most tracks are first takes and none were intended for a final recording. There's even some clipping in some of the tracks. The mix is rough and unrefined. Heck, the tempo is probably even a bit too slow! Enough excuses! The result is actually quite interesting and listenable...

Please enjoy the "epic mix" of I'm The Luckiest! :-)

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