Jen and The Passing Acquaintances



A few of us (Keith Matthews, Craig Birnie, Abhi Chatterjee and myself) have been getting together to play some music in recent months. A couple of months ago we asked Jenny Norman to come and sing with us. Jen already had plans to head to the UK to meet up with her partner Matt, so we decided to see what we could get done in the time before she was due to leave. We managed to fit in a few practices and then make this 1/2 hour appearance at the Pot Belly Bar's weekly Muso's Night. Given the temporary nature of this arrangement I suggested that we call ourselves Jen & The Passing Acquaintances.

The set list is 6 original songs previously performed by The Taken and a cover of Piece Of My Heart, probably best known for versions sung by Janis Joplin. Most of the originals had similar arrangements as with The Taken, except that I took on most of the rhythm guitar and Abhi played all of the lead guitar except for Empty Arms. In general, the performances here are somewhat heavier than what we used to do with The Taken.

One song with quite a different arrangement is Nothing To See Here. I thought this might work well if I sang lead vocals through the verses, with Jen singing the highlight lines in the verses and handling most of the ending. The song needs (at least) 2 different vocalists and I hadn't previously been able to add much when attempting backing vocals. I think this arrangement worked really well. In practice sessions we tried to play the song faster to avoid it "dragging". However, on the night we let it simmer and let it take off before the ending with a stratospheric guitar solo from Abhi, followed by Jen bringing it home on vocals.

Piece Of My Heart sounds surprisingly good considering that it only got a few practices...

Overall, we had a lot of fun. Jen sang brilliantly and Abhi's lead guitar also shone brightly! Of course, the rhythm section was both solid and flashy! :-)

Bon voyage, Jen!

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The attached sound recordings are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
They were recorded by Keith Matthews using a portable stereo recorder and tweaked a little bit by him. :-)

The compositions themselves have copyrights as follows, with all rights reserved. Dance In Circles: Copyright 1988, 2005 Martin Schwenke, Peter Schwenke & Keith Matthews. This Is Love: Copyright 1989 Martin Schwenke. I'll Be Around: Copyright 1989 Martin Schwenke & Melynda McDonald. Piece Of My Heart: Copyright 1967 Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns. Nothing To See Here: Copyright 2005 Keith Matthews, Martin Schwenke, Craig Birnie & Kelly Daly. Empty Arms: Copyright 2004 Martin Schwenke & Melynda McDonald. My Friend The Blues: Copyright 1989 Peter Schwenke & Martin Schwenke.