Big Cool Lizard King



At practice sessions with The Taken we sometimes used to get into a groove on a random jam - Richard Pearce really liked doing this when he sat in with us. On some of these jams I felt I couldn't contribute much on guitar so I would stick to vocals: channeling Jim Morrison and doing a "streams of consciousness" thing. This track is one of those things... perhaps best kept in the archive... apart from its entertainment value! ;-)

My Crawling King Snake reference at the beginning is wrong - I'm clearly thinking of another song by The Doors. I also recycled some of the "lyrics" (about the dog) from a previous jam over a completely different groove... but did it better here. The rest is random, including references to Richard's job and Kelly's recently sold car.

The line-up is a variation of the standard one: Keith on bass, Richard on drums, Michael on guitar, and me on vocals and occasional lead guitar. Kelly interjects in the background a few times.

The recording isn't great. It is recorded using a couple of ambient condenser mics in Keith's studio. He then encoded it as an MP3. I decoded it tonight so I could edit it, applied a hard limiter, normalised it and re-encoded as an MP3. So I've made it worse... but I took out several minutes of a different groove at the beginning.

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