Cover My Eyes - 2011-04-04 mix



Cover My Eyes is another one of Pia's excellent songs. This song examines toxic relationships.

Most of the recording was done last Monday. I recorded my backing vocals and redid the bass on Friday. Tonight Pia re-recorded her main guitar, fixed a problem in the lead vocals and remixed it to pace the song better.

On this track Pia sings lead vocals, plays the electric-acoustic guitar on the left and the spaced-out electric guitar slightly to right. The acoustic was recorded direct-in and has had almost nothing done to it. The electric was played through the Twin Reverb preset on my Fender Mustang I amp and recorded using an ambient condenser mic. When it was clean it stuck out of the mix too much, even when turned down low, so I added a phaser plugin, along with some delay and a rotating speaker effect. It now sits low in the mix and sounds nice and spooky. The vocals have 2 types of delay - in some places they sound overdone but I think most of the seemingly random delay artifacts actually add some edge and unease. Pia sequenced the drum track in about 15 minutes before we started recording...

The bass on this is recorded direct-in and I think I finally got it right after coming back to it after a few days. The dirty guitar on the right is mine - I think I used the '57 Deluxe preset on my Mustang and recorded it with the ambient condenser mic. Same for the guitar solo, which uses the American '90s preset, although I added some extra delay in Ardour to give it some room around the centre of the mix. I did a couple of quick takes of the backing vocals - they're OK.

For a few sessions of work this is a pretty nice demo...

This song was recorded using Ardour and I used Jamin's limiter to add oomph.

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