Yesterday's Knickers



One morning in early 1994 I put on the clothes I had been wearing the previous day and walked up to a nearby shop to get some milk for breakfast. By the time I returned I was singing "De dum de dum de diddle de dum, I wear yesterday's knickers". With Mel's help the song was finished that day or the next. By the end of that week Mel wanted to kill me because I wouldn't stop singing it... and I had obviously implanted the tune in her head too.

This rendition of Yesterday's Knickers is from a practice session in 2006 that we recorded from beginning to end, and is unique in that it includes a yodeling solo by Kelly. She made various weird yodeling-like sounds at the end of many lines in the song and then, at my prompting, she continued on to provide a lovely solo. As such, this version represents the song well!

The band line-up here is the standard one.

Other practice versions had us including the last verse of Stairway To Heaven as an interlude near the end. Luckily (for you!) no recordings of that madness are available... ;-)

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The composition Yesterday's Knickers is Copyright 1994 Martin Schwenke & Melynda McDonald, all rights reserved.