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  • Getting a "Login" menu item instead of login widget on the front page (and perhaps every other page) proved to be interesting. I wanted to do this because I assumed most visitors to this site would not login, so the widget would waste space. I created the login node and told the Login block to only appear on this node. I also configured per-node permissions on this node so that it is only accessible by anonymous users - not authenticated users - this makes the menu link disappear after you login. Then I created a menu item pointing to the login node. That worked OK but after logging in you would get a permission denied error on the login node. So, I added ?destination=node to the URL to redirect to the front page after login... and it works just fine. Note that you can link to the user page to get a login screen (and it redirects back to the page you came from after login - nice!) but it seems harder to disappear (or rename) that link after login.
  • I imported the data from my previous hand-coded "BCG Reviews" blog using the excellent Node import module. This was surprisingly easy.