Bruce Springsteen

Wrecking Ball

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Wrecking Ball is Bruce Springsteen's 17th studio album and, wow, is he angry. This is an album about the current state of the US, the lack of accountability for and following the global financial crisis, a lack of hope, and then, perhaps, hope for the future. The production is big, stadium-like rock but with enough layers to make it interesting. The lyrics are comparatively simple compared to some of Springsteen's earlier storytelling. The musical influences vary from rock, though country, Irish folk, gospel, country and R&B.

Tunnel Of Love

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I think I've said before that I'm a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. However, Tunnel Of Love, his studio follow-up to the mega-huge Born In The USA, turned me off and stopped me listening to him for quite a few years.

The Rising

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First some background...


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Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska is a different kettle of fish to most other singer/songwriter albums. This album is recored using a TASCAM 4-track tape recorder. It features a solo Springsteen on vocals, guitar, harmonica, backing vocals and an occasional tambourine. It sounds like it was recorded in a small, dark room - a sense of claustrophobia, partly due to the dark lyrics, pervades the whole album.

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